The Top 10 Practical Things to do to Survive an Economic Downturn…Back to the Drawing Board

Once you are half way into anything you are already in a good place. You’ve obviously put in the necessary commitment, the hard work and the perseverance. Mo is about to kick in at this point.

Incase you’ve not met Mo, it’s that good friend that accelerates your positive efforts. Momentum is the full name but I like Mo for short. So u’ve downsized, taken responsibility, forgiven yourself and others and you are in full recovery mode. A little celebration is not a bad idea at this point.

You’ve done what others wouldn’t do and you are about to have what most wouldn’t have. A whole new world is opening and you are at the centre of it all. You are about to TRY AGAIN! It’s back to the drawing board.

This is where new life is brought to an idea, new ideas are born, new information is brought to make a scheme work, more intelligence is used. Bottom line is, it’s a new day full of hope for the future. What you do here would determine how the future would look. Information is critical, planning is key and execution is power.

Your journey has proved that when the student is ready the teacher would appear. You have learnt, you are good to go. With a friend like Mo on your side you are sure to succeed massively. Get ready, set, TRIGGER!

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