I currently run two businesses. When I left law school I knew I didn’t want to practice or work for anyone I really wanted to be on my own.
I had one hundred and fifty thousand naira, so I bought slippers and some clothes and started selling. Later we started making our own clothes and put in the shop, business was really good, returns was good too, we grew and started going abroad to buy goods and we have expanded over the years.
After four years of clothing business I decided to open a food delivery business. I started cooking from my backyard, bought two motorcycles and got dispatched riders with branded T-shirts. We use to cook with local pots then, my staff were dedicated to their work before we knew what was happening we started getting jobs and that was when we decided we needed to improve our mechanism, so we bought gas cooker and other improved mechanism, from there we grew and after a year we were able to pay for a shop space. We are doing well.
My passion for the business has kept me going despite the challenges we encountered. We have remained focused, now the business is doing well our turnover is in millions and we are still expanding. We have twelve permanent staff and over thirty contract staff. My name is Adaora Evulukwu CEO Disney’s food express and 1001 ideas. You don’t need a million to start a business.

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