Alibaba & Jack Ma Name Michael Evans President Of Alibaba Group

Ali baba Group,the world’s largest e-Commerce company, has named Michael Evans as president, effective immediately. Mr. Evans will continue in his role as a member of the Alibaba Group’s management board, a position he has held since the company’s initial public offering in September 2014. Evans comes to Alibaba from Goldman Sachs where for twenty years he served as Vice Chairman, head of Global Growth Markets, and Chairman of Asia. He is a long time China hand and deal maker.
The appointment is a powerful confirmation that Alibaba has not and will not rest on it’s hard earned China laurels and that it intends to change the way the world engages in e-Commerce and the way that business is conducted globally. It is also a call to action for brands and retailers of all sizes and from all countries that they need to engage Alibaba as part of their future growth strategy because a key initiative for the company, in addition to investing in global e-Commerce platforms, is the creation of true “Cross Border” e-Commerce.
The coming age of “Cross Border” will mean companies from any country in the world will be able to sell to customers in China (or other countries) through seamless integration of their home market supply chains, stock and sales channels directly to foreign consumers , with cheap and fast delivery. Currently it can take up to two weeks to deliver from a US distribution center to China and the cost of shipping makes it a non-starter for many bargain hunters.
Longtime readers of this column and my book “China’s Super Consumers” and those who have seen Dr. Jim Tompkins’ video “The Alibaba Effect” already know that Alibaba’s rise to become the largest e-Commerce company in the world by dominating the Chinese market (an Alibaba company touches about 75% of all transactions in China) but that it’s real intention is to become the world’s first truly global e-Commerce company.
At home Alibaba has about a 70% share of all e-Commerce transactions through its B2C platform T-Mall and it’s C2C marketplace Tao Bao. It also runs the popular group buying platform Juhuasuan and Alitrip, a travel services platform. The company is also making big investments in domestic supply chain infrastructure including distribution centers, transportation networks, warehouses, and rail and road improvements,
For most companies dominating the 1.3 billion person Chinese market would be enough, but not for Jack Ma. Like China in general, Alibaba is going global.
In this new role, Mr. Evans will be responsible for leading and executing Alibaba Group’s international growth strategy to globalize the company and grow the business outside of China. He will report to Alibaba Group CEO Daniel Zhang.
“I am delighted that Michael has agreed to take on this important new challenge,” said Alibaba Group Executive Chairman Jack Ma. “As we connect Alibaba and the rest of the world, we are turning to a proven international leader who has been connecting China and the rest of the world for most of his career. Through his work on our board, he has built the trust and respect of our management team, and I have no doubt that he will make a significant contribution to our business.”
IN A GLOBALIZATION 2.0 WORLD, where retailers and brands must survive and grow through international expansion, Omni channel operations/borderless e-Commerce and a combination of global supply chains, Jack Ma and Michael Evans are investing in all of them, providing the infrastructure, technology and vision for the biggest retail disruption in history.

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