Asia's Richest Man- Li ka Shing's Success Story

Born Sir Ka-shing Li has an estimated net worth of $34.6 billion according to Forbes as of August 2014. Li Ka Shing The richest person of East Asian descent and the eleventh richest person in the world with an estimated wealth of US$34.6 billion. He is one of the most powerful men in China and is based in Honk Kong. Being a Chairman of Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL) and Cheung Kong Holdings his company is the world’s largest operator of container terminals and the world’s largest health and beauty retail. Li was nicknamed as ‘Superman’ in Hong Kong where his global business is based. Although Li is Asia’s wealthiest person but this journey was not an easy one for him. When he was just 12 his family had to vacant China due to Japanese invasion of China and the whole family came to Honk Kong. Li had very little chance to take any formal education as he was too young when his father died and he had to look after the family. who would believe that one of the richest person on earth had once sold plastic watchbands, flowers and belts to raise money for daily bread. By the time he was in his early twenties, in 1950, Li was privileged enough to start Cheung Kong Industries in few years he became a notable name in Honk Kong. From industrialized plastics, Li soon developed his foremost real estate investment company in Hong Kong that was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1972. A young boy from China who had to do low profile jobs to raise his family is a powerful name across the globe lives a luxurious life. Li owns a sprawling yacht ‘Sunseeker yacht’ and a grand mansion in Shou ji tianfu. Li is fond of flying hence he also owns a luxurious private plane , Gulfstream 550 which is one of the most comfortable privet jets around the world. Li has two sons who are also prominent business magnets in Hong Kong. Although he has a lavish lifestyle but Li is famous for his simple dressing sense as once in 1990s he wore a $50 timepiece from Citizen Watch Co. and still is not a brand conscious man. It seems he is the true follower of the saying “simplicity is the best policy”.


  • I needed to save every penny…I needed to be strong, and needed to find some way to secure a future. That’s why I am always conservative. I never forget to maintain stability while advancing, and I never forget to advance while maintaining stability.
  • Vision is perhaps our greatest strength. It has kept us alive to the power and continuity of thought through the centuries; it makes us peer into the future and lends shape to the unknown.
  • You can believe in Fung Shui if you want, but ultimately people control their own fate. The most important thing is to improve yourself and give it your best. Then many things previously thought to be impossible will become possible.
  • Broaden your vision, and maintain stability while advancing forward. That is my philosophy.
  • Businessmen must move with the times…the correlation between knowledge and business as the key to success is closer than ever.


  • He is the is the richest person in Asia in 2014.
  • He is the worlds largest operator of container terminals and the worlds largest health and beauty retailer.
  • He was named “Asias Most Powerful Man, Li Ka-Ching” by Asiaweek in 2001.
  • He was honored by Forbes Magazine “Malcolm S. Forbes Lifetime Achievement Award” on 5 September 2006, in Singapore.
  • He is famous for his plain dressing and even wore a $50 timepiece from Citizen Watch Co. and plain ties.

Culled from: http://www.bornrich/li-ka-shing.html

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