I hear 252bn has been set aside by the CBN as credit to support businesses owned by women in the country…Read Here https://www.thevisionaryng.com/cbn-sets-aside-n252bn-for-women-owned-businesses/
When I read all these kind of stories I just get really upset because I don’t know those that actually get to access these funds. We make a lot of noise about holding our leaders accountable in Nigeria but we should go beyond political leaders.
Madam Deputy Governor how many people are actually going to access these funds? From a personal experience the last time I tried to access such funds it came to nothing… NOTHING
Just plenty stories. By the way I provided everything they asked for (though I felt some of the requirement were downright stupid and unreasonable ,but still… Do we have people that have accessed these funds, please let’s hear from you or is it for spirits….. N252BN for women….. Story for the gods…. I begi
On a more serious note. I tried to access these funds through zenith bank and was frustrated at the end of the day. Nigerian banks are not serious about supporting SMES let’s face the fact. They are only interested in oil companies and your deposits..
A zenith bank staff once told me they didn’t even need my deposit. Nigerian banks are not practicing the real banking the way it’s done abroad.
Meanwhile it’s not rocket science just lazy banking. (Free money from government) is better than some annoying SMES…
We should hold our banks accountable they declare plenty profits every financial year but make little or no meaningful contribution to entrepreneurship which is the engine room of any serious nation.
SMES drive growth and move the nation forward. I’m personally tired of plenty grammar on the pages of newspapers daily, that doesn’t impact the average Nigeria, more painful for me is that the average Nigerian needs just a little push not N252BN they can’t get their hands on…

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