Dear Visionary Mum and Dad, Encourage your Child’s Entrepreneurial Spirit.Consider what your child is naturally good at and help him or her hone those skills.

The Kelvin Doe Story is an amazing story of raw talent, ingenuity, hard work, dedication to problem solving and all with little or no resources. What government, corporate organizations, international organizations should be doing, a boy has taken it upon himself to not only make the changes but be the change he desires. He has certainly proved that one young person with a will and determination can make a difference. It’s not always about the numbers. Kelvin has proved that truly age isn’t anything but a number and a large number of people on a project doesn’t always translate to progress. Kelvin is definitely creating the type of future he desires. Slowly but surely it’s coming together for him. His humble beginning is working for him. He has not only turned a disadvantage into an advantage he’s adding value and driving innovation. Bittersweet for me! Why? What can we say about our Naija kids? Particularly the “Ajebos”? Are we as parents positioning them to add value and drive innovation. For them it’s a different world. Anything they want they get. They see and hear nothing about our struggles and of course we don’t talk or plan for the future. “why plan”? After all it’s all looking good right now! Besides “ they are kids!” “Cut them some slack! Let them just do school for now, let’s worry about the rest later”. For me it’s a no no. I would rather do what others are not doing now so I can have what others don’t have tomorrow. With kids it’s never too early…
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