Dear Visionary Mum and Dad

By now most people have hit the ground running trying to make 2020 the amazing year they hope it would be and that’s a really good thing! Hopefully you took out time to rest, think and plan for the future. It’s hard to miss all of the talk on goal setting these days, especially online. I’ve heard about the importance of goal setting from just about every angle imaginable. I believe most and I’m definitely in! Vision board? Another buzz word. Sounds good to me so I’m all in for that too.

So just before you hit the roof and start the party there’s one more thing you might have missed, forgotten or didn’t think about. The kids! Probably laughing your head off right now wondering why I would think you would forget the kids! Your kids! Yes your precious kids! Yes I know they are in fantastic schools, you got them all they need and more, but the question is how about their financial future? That’s what I’m talking about. Not the future where you hand out stuff to them, naaaaa not by any stretch of imagination. But the financial future where they have the right mindset because someone, somewhere showed them what to do at the right time! So school is good, it’s wonderful and kudos to all the parents and single parent doing their best to ensure their kids get the right education and build up fantastic characters! Thumbs up! Good job! But if your kids must make it in the 21st century and the coming years then you’ve got to see the coming change and change quickly. It’s easier to change than be swept away by change. The kids that are 10 today would be 20 by the end of this decade. What entrepreneurial knowledge would you have imparted in them kids? Especially if you are not entrepreneurs yourself? Which is fine! But if you don’t have it in you to teach and impart, then you must intentionally look for ways to make your kids have early access to that knowledge. You don’t teach your kids French right? You usually get someone to do it! Same thing! So as you plan the future for yourself plan for the entrepreneurial future of your kids! The world has changed and so must you. That century old advise of go to school, study hard, pass, get a good job, earn big and live happily ever after isn’t tenable anymore. Adjust the advise and take the necessary action. Yes go to school, study hard and pass, after that find out what you have to offer your world and spend all your time here doing it excellently.

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