Dear Visionary Mum & Dad, Its 2019 Already and the Clock is Ticking….

You have another 365 days to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in your kids… the earlier, the better.

Here are six parenting tips to help you foster the entrepreneurial spirit in your kids..
1. Creative thinking/ effective problem solving
2. Help kids learn from failure
3. Let kids make decisions
4. Foster a sense of mastery
5. Teach constructive ways to question the status quo
6. Hire your kids during the long holiday or get them hired.

Help your kids to find business ideas in everyday life, hone their problem solving skills while they’re young. When issues arise think together to come up with possible solutions. Weigh all available options together and choose the best.
The need to teach kids to think creatively is so important as opposed to just dumping our own ideas on them. In today’s fast paced world, dumping information on kids seem easier than going through the painstaking task of getting kids to think independently and constantly questioning the status quo.
However, if we must build kids with what it takes to confront tomorrow’s challenges, then the hard road must be taken.

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Check out how this smart, visionary, super mum fostered the entrepreneurial spirit in her daughter….

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