Entrepreneurship for beginners

I really like all of the energy around this 2020 year and all the talk about the turn of a new decade and all. It just feels very hopeful. It has a really nice ring to the ears too, 2020! So if you are into fancy stuff, this 2020 with all its positive energy might be a good time to pull your entrepreneurial trigger. But! If you want to, plan to and think you should dive into the world of entrepreneurship, then you should at least dive in head first. So before you start pulling any triggers you’ve got to think first. Head first. Like seriously this is day 10 and the year is moving already. It’s moving and you need to move too! So for new entrepreneurs let’s start with head movement. Trust me this is your most important move! Get this right and you are good. So let me say it again just before you dive in remember head first. So let’s start by differentiating between heart and head. So heart is more about your feelings and head is about common sense and truly I really don’t like using that word common sense because at the end of the day putting facts together and making good and profitable sense from it all isn’t actually that common. So engage the head, what are the facts and how can you profit in the simplest way within a relatively short amount of time from the facts. That’s head. Leave heart at home for now and work with head. Heart would show up later, likes to be fashionably late anyways. A lot of talk should be going on in the head right about now. Questions, answers and all the works. I believe in relevant consultation but be careful, it’s your head after all and you take the final decisions. Bottom line? Do you want to be an entrepreneur? How do you plan to show up in your space? How would you add value and make a difference? Is the idea tickling your fancy? So if all your answers are in the affirmative then dive in. One last thing! I didn’t say dive in today! You plan to dive in right? That’s all sorted! So get to work! You plan and get all your stuff before you go to the pool right. You don’t get there then wonder where your swim wear is do you? No! You pack it all, swimwear, cap, your towel, lotion everything you need before and after. Same thing. It’s time to plan. What do we need and where do we get them? Let’s get busy! Day 11 is calling…

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