Entrepreneur Tasks Youths On Creativity, Hard Work

The Creative Director of Affluent Royal Kraft Limited, Mrs. Titilayo Adua Yusuf, has urged young entrepreneurs to be creative and hardworking if they are to survive and excel in a chal­lenging environment as Nige­ria.
She said with continued dwindling of the oil revenue and white collar jobs disap­pearing young graduates must look inward to develop their god given potentials and talent to create a better life for themselves and their families.
Yusuf gave the advice in an exclusive interview with National Mirror recently, add­ing that young ones who have education should look beyond that qualification to try their talent elsewhere, especially if their dream job is not forth­coming.
“I believe we all have po­tential, but for those who have the vision, I will advise them to look at what they can do, and not look up to govern­ment alone. Instead of look­ing up to government they can start doing something on their own and become em­ployers of labour.
“I know it is good to have education, but I feel it is a nec­essary background to help you have a broader outlook of society. It is just a stepping stone to your glory. If we all look to the oil economy which will one day dry up, then we are doomed. We should start looking at other mean of generating wealth. The government should begin to encourage youths on entre­preneurship, to be self depen­dent.
The catering special­ist promised to encourage youths and every individual to develop their God given po­tentials.
“By the time we all devel­op our potentials and harness same for national develop­ment the country will be bet­ter for it. This will go a long way to eradicate poverty and some other family crises asso­ciated with it”.
Sharing her experience as an entrepreneur in an economically challenging en­vironment such as Nigeria, Yusuf hinted that she started beading and stringing as hobby and combined it with her background in fashion designing.
On marketing and accept­ability, she they are equally important. “You look at those things you are good in doing and you know people will admire you for. I normally do not go for foreign materials, I go local things and people ad­mire it, buy them off my neck before I start marketing it to others. People stop to take the picture of dresses I make for myself to wear. They either ask me to do it for them or take the picture to their tailor..

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