Farmers Petition Buhari Over Biotechnology Implementation

Nigerian farmers, under the umbrella of Open Forum on Agriculture Biotechnology in Africa, in collaboration with the Alliance for Science have petitioned President Muhavmmadu Buhari, over the activities of some groups allegedly protected by powerful Western interest to undermine the implementation of biotechnology in Nigerian agriculture sector.
To demonstrate their determination to ensure that the alleged threat to genetically modified crops does not result to outright ban by the present administration, the groups have launched an online portal through which they request all farmers and stakeholders to sign the petition.
Speaking on the petition, the Country Coordinator of Open Forum on Agriculture (OFAB), Mrs. Rose Suniso Maxwel Gidado, said that the application of biotechnology in agriculture system offered opportunities and novel possibilities to enhance the nutritional quality of crops and also provides insect resistance to crops.
According to her, the new technology will also develop drought tolerant and water efficient crops, improve yield for farmers, generate more income for Nigeria, thereby ensuring food security and less dependent on importation.
“Some groups of people who have never been to the farm, protected by western interests are threatening to stop our farmers from reaping the benefits of this technology. The time to act is now, Nigerians need to stand out and speak out for access to agriculture biotechnology and genetically modified crops,” she added.
The petition is coming on the heels of speculations that the continued grant of waiver on importation of rice in the country was a move sponsored by certain few individuals who are benefiting from the importation and want to prevail on Buhari’s administration to frustrate the implementation of the biotech law signed by the immediate past government.
Farmers petition Buhari over biotechnology implementation.

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