From Average to Amazing

Hello GEN Z.

It must feel so wonderful to be the best in most of the subjects in school.

To be one of the students that come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in class or have the highest GP average or the ones that get all the prizes in most of the subjects, must just be so ecstatic.

I really wanted to have this experience in school, I really did!

I worked hard, tried to listen with rapt attention and of course I wanted those end of year shiny gifts and all the cheering and adulation that came with that, plus your parents feeling so proud and all.

Must be a truly great feeling I imagined, but for me it happened only in the realm of my imagination, it never truly happened.

Never became my reality.

I was a beautiful average!

I was a good, stable average.

Never came down but rarely ever went up either.

Just a consistent average!

Sounds cool now, but back then this kind of messed with my psyche.

I had a complex called average!

Who wants to slide down in class but why couldn’t I at least go up a notch higher?

Some of you can relate right?

You are putting In the best but you remain a stable average!

Well I have good news for you.

Average in academics does not necessarily mean average in life.

You just have to find your own intelligence and thrive there.

Just like I did!

This average business continued for most of my schooling but once I got out into the real world, with the help of my mum I was fortunate to quickly discover that my intelligence was waiting out there for me in the entrepreneurial world.

In trading, business, fashion retailing and teaching.

What a sweet feeling!

Now my consistency, hard work, diligence paid off.

Most importantly I found what I was passionate about!

I finally got the gifts and the cheers!

They were just not from school.

Not the type in those shiny wrappings but the type that sits in a bank and every now and then I use it to buy the shiny stuff.

At last I moved from average to amazing!

My own version of amazing!

What’s your own version of amazing going to be?

So much study has been done on the topic of multiple intelligences but I find this one particularly interesting and I believe it absolutely.

The theory of multiple intelligences was introduced in 1983 by an American psychologist Howard Gardner.

His theory suggests that there is more to being intelligent than simply being proficient in languages or being good in math.

Let us go over each of the nine types of intelligence identified in Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, and try to find the one that you are best in.

  1. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
    You are good with numbers and various tasks that involve quantifying things, such as mathematical operations and arithmetic problems.
    People with high logical-mathematical intelligence are best suited in occupations such as mathematicians, detectives, investigative journalists, and scientists.
  2. Linguistic Intelligence
    Linguistic intelligence refers to a person’s ability to use words effectively. The ability to find the right words to express what you mean.
    You have high linguistic intelligence if;
    • you have a way with words, and can use it to achieve an objective, such as persuasion or convincing someone to do something or act in a certain manner
    • you have a rich vocabulary, and you know what words to use, and how and when to use them
    • you like to read a lot, and you may also want to write a lot
    People who demonstrate high linguistic intelligence include authors, novelists, poets, journalists, public speakers, and motivational speakers. To a great extent, politicians are also deemed to be linguistically intelligent.
  3. Visual-Spatial Intelligence
    • Mental imagery, or the capacity of the person to draw up, in his mind, an image or picture as representation of the physical world.
    • Spatial reasoning, or the capacity to perceive and think about objects in 3D, even despite having limited information about it.
    You have high visual-spatial intelligence if:
    • You have a high awareness of your surrounding environments
    • You have very good navigation skills and a sharp sense of direction
    • You enjoy playing with jigsaw puzzles and games that involve maps and mazes
    • You like to draw and work with pictures and images
    • You tend to daydream a lot, creating scenarios in your head
    A person with visual-spatial intelligence will become highly lauded as painters, sculptors, architects and designers.
  4. Naturalist Intelligence
    Being able to “read” and understand nature, and all the living things in and on it, is also a type of intelligence. Having sensitivity for all living and non-living elements in nature makes you “nature-smart”.
    You have high naturalist intelligence if:
    • You love nature, and enjoy spending time outdoors
    • You are able to connect easily with animals
    • You have a knack for raising animals or making plants grow (what people call “green thumb”)
    People with naturalist intelligence work best as botanists, agriculturists, forest and park rangers.
  5. Musical Intelligence
    If you are very sensitive to rhythm and sound, then you possess this type of intelligence.
    You have high musical intelligence if:
    • You can discern sounds and break them down – their pitch, rhythm, tone and timber – easily.
    • You love – and can recognize, create, and/or reflect – on music.
    • You are comfortable with music or sound playing in the background even when you are doing other things.
    • You are highly sensitive to even the smallest sound, so that you can hear sounds that others miss…
    People with musical intelligence find their niche as musicians, composers, vocalists, composers, conductors, sound mixers and sound engineers.
  6. Existential Intelligence
    You have high existential intelligence if:
    • You are genuine in your curiosity to the answers of questions the likes of which include “why do we live?”, “why do we die?” and “what happens to us after death?”, to name a few.
    • You demonstrate high sensitivity when it comes to matters related to human existence.
    People with existential intelligence are most suited in jobs in psychology and theology. Motivational speakers and pastors are also expected to possess this type of intelligence in great amounts.
  7. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence
    Mainly it is about physical skills, and how you are able to use your physicality to manipulate objects and other elements around you.
    You have high bodily-kinesthetic intelligence if:
    • You have a keen sense of body awareness, knowing what you are capable of and recognizing your physical limits
    • You can communicate well using body language, with gestures and actions that can convey the message you intend to deliver to the recipient.
    • You are good with your hands, such that you can handle tools and machines with a high degree of deftness, combined with an economy of movement.
    People who possess bodily-kinesthetic intelligence are usually athletes, dancers, acrobats and stage performers. Craftsmen, or those who create highly detailed crafts and products, are also known to demonstrate impressive mind and body union.
    But perhaps the best example of somebody who is good with their hands is a surgeon, whose every action – no matter how small – inside the operating room, will dictate how a patient’s life will go.
  8. Interpersonal Intelligence
    interpersonal intelligence refers to your ability to sense other people’s feelings, as well as read their motives.
    You have high interpersonal intelligence if:
    • You can easily spot distinctions or differences among people, and you also find it easy to recognize them even in a large crowd
    • You have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, and you are comfortable spending time with other people
    • You are sensitive to the moods and temperament of other people
    • You are able to look at things from various points of view or perspectives, instead of just sticking to your own angle
    People with high interpersonal intelligence will do great as teachers, social workers, and politicians. Stage and film actors also use their interpersonal intelligence to essay or portray any character.
  9. Intrapersonal Intelligence
    Self-awareness is also a form of intelligence. If you understand yourself, if you know what you are feeling and why you are feeling it, and if you know exactly what you want and need, then you can confidently say that you possess intrapersonal intelligence.
    You have high intrapersonal intelligence if:
    • You are self-motivated, meaning you tend to put yourself first when assessing various situations you come across
    • You are strong-willed and independent, and have no issue learning by yourself
    • You are fully aware of your feelings, and you take action to planning and directing your life, without primarily depending on others to dictate what you should do
    • You tend to be shy and introverted, preferring to keep to yourself and have solo moments for self-reflection
    People with high intrapersonal intelligence are those who would be most comfortable as spiritual leaders, psychologists, guidance counselors, and even philosophers.

Is it possible to possess all nine?

Yes, there is definitely a high probability of that.

In fact, some even claim that we all have, to a certain degree, all of the nine types of intelligence.

It’s just a matter of some types of intelligence being higher or more apparent than others.

Now, have you found the type of intelligence that you possess in greatest abundance?

Locating your intelligence is a major key to your overall success in life.

You landed here with your intelligence package, everybody did.

Your job is to locate it and begin to capitalize on it.

Your capital is locked up in your intelligence!

Next time you don’t get that gift at the end of the session but you really tried hard, don’t feel bad just remember that your gift is somewhere else and you just have to find it!


Find your intelligence and begin to excel at it in small doses.

Use this list to locate who you are and where you can shine the best and begin to run with that Information.

Would you?

Do send me an email letting me know what this list helped you discover about yourself.


Who knows my top three intelligences in order of importance?
Do send in your answers and I have a gift for the right answers…

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