Funke Awobokun CMO Cocktails In & Out Gives An Insight Into The industry;Her Journey So Far(Part 1)

An interesting journey of an extraordinary entrepreneur FUNKE AWOBOKUN Chief Mixologist Officer (CMO) Cocktails In & Out. We had an interview with her and she shared a couple of her success secrets and also shed light on the journey so far. Q: How did you come about the name cocktails in & out? A: My husband came about the name and it went with the kind of business I wanted to go into, it actually gave an idea of what I wanted to do. The in & out shows that it will be indoors and outdoors. Q: How did you get into cocktails? A: Am a foodie and I like to be different. It actually came about with me wanting to have a party and I was like how can this party be different with my minimum budget, so rather than the regular soft-drinks we made cocktail drinks and that was how the business started. cocktails Q: How did you know this could be a business? A: I think it was more of the passion and I was enjoying what I was doing rather than seeing it as a business. It took me about eight months to realize there was a business in there, at that stage I did a lot of freebies especially any time we wanted to introduce new cocktails that people have not tried. Q: So how did you get capital to start? A: My husband was actually my first customer, when we did our baby dedication, we made cocktails and he paid. After the event, some people came to meet me and ask if I can cater for their event coming up in two months. And as soon as they gave me the money i got the ingredients and that was how I started. By the time I started taking the business serious I could save up to 200 to 300 thousand naira and that was how I started big.   MY THOUGHTS: An advice for married women. We waste a lot of money and time waiting for “sweetheart” to carry all the load, Please wake up there’s so much to be done. • Don’t complain you don’t have capital, how about the Brazilian or Peruvian hair you are wasting money on trying to keep up with people you don’t like and people who don’t care. • Start small with the little you have. Work from home? Fine… Just work. Be creative, be proactive, be consistent and persevere. You can make it… • Women are resilient, strong, smart and are fantastic at multitasking. You are not an exception… I’m looking forward to sharing your start up story soon. Pls send in your start up success stories, it’s time we celebrate you…

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