Funke Awobokun CMO Cocktails In & Out Gives An Insight Into The industry;Her Journey So Far(Part 2)

VISIONARY 101…Still on FUNKE AWOBOKUN Chief Mixologist Officer (CMO)Cocktails In & Out.

Q: How do you cope with catering with a lot of celebrity events?
A: We try as much as possible to make sure that two events are never on the same day and we try as much as possible to be very professional.
Q: How do you balance family and business?
A: My husband is a very understanding person and my kids are amazing more over they are much older now and they can manage without me around.
Q: How do you source for funds?
A: It’s more from the money we make but now our bank is helping, initially when we started they didn’t want to help. Banks don’t help you when you are starting.
Q: What is your advice to young upcoming entrepreneurs?
A: Look for what it is that you love doing.
Q: How much do you make?
A: (laughs) it’s so much that I can’t even mention it.
Q: What is your long term plan?
A: We see cocktails in and out going places and we will also franchise in future.
Funke is also the CEO of Grills In and Out with outlets in lagos, Abuja and many more to come…. Watch out for this superwoman….
• Okay so you are doing well great but don’t settle.
• Refuse to be a local champion, improve yourself.
• Go for trainings, seminars and always plan to up your game.
• Never get satisfied for too way, always look for the next challenge no matter what you do.

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