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Once upon a time…
A person went to school, passed, graduated from university, got a fantastic job of their dreams, and lived happily ever after, even after retirement.

Once upon a time….
Within a few years of finding your dream job, you build a nice house, buy a brand new car(not Tokunbo) invest in the stock market and possibly even have some disposable income left for a nice vacation with family and friends.

Once upon a time…
All you had to do was work hard, send your kids to any of the unity schools closest to you and any of the federal universities of their choice to study medicine, law, engineering or any of the other courses people took when they didn’t make the JAMB cut off mark!

Once upon a time….
All you had to do in the course of your long years of service was to ensure you contributed to the pension scheme so that once you retired government took care of you for the rest of your life.

Once upon a time….
People, government said what they would do and did what they said!

Well, once upon a time is over! Time is up and we are tons of naira short. It’s time to wake up from a bad slumber. Unfortunately not everyone would be able to wake up! Guess who I’m counting on to wake up?
You! Yes you! Gen Z!

Before you go forward in life most times it’s important to look at history. What went wrong? Why did the people before us fail. How do we ensure history never repeats itself? How do we get it right and how do we move forward effectively in a globally competitive world.

What went wrong?
1. A lot of education but little or no vision, no hands-on skills and no diverse experience on any level. This is the story of the older generation that set up and are still running the current failed system. They majored on formal schooling and neglected informal hands on training and experiential knowledge. This gave rise to a disaster where people learnt to read, write and comprehend without mastering the application of knowledge to relevant societal needs and issues, hence lacking the desperately needed skills to add value to humanity.

Education is very important but it’s not enough to be successful and competitive in a globally and rapidly emerging new world.

If it wasn’t enough for the past generation then it’s not enough for genZ. Knowledge coupled with experience is the new money!

While it takes education to process information into knowledge, acquiring experience along the way and building wealth is the end result of the right process.

So what should Gen zers be doing?

a. Stay committed to the education you are already getting.

b. Get new information. Personal research about your areas of interest. All over the internet.

c. Process the bulk of the information into knowledge.

d. Practice what you are learning. Over time it’s called experience.

e. You are smart, so figure out a way to turn your knowledge and experience into money, influence, impact and value. That’s your super power!

Let’s continue the conversation tomorrow…. Do share your thoughts and ask your questions and would get back to you as soon as possible.

I’ve been reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Second Chance and some of my thoughts were inspired from that book.


I completed my Ph.D. and the only job I could find was a graduate entry role.

My annual salary was NZ$37,500.
But I was grateful for the job.

See, before completing my Ph.D., I thought I’d sweep the job market by storm when I finish.

I thought employers would be literally begging me to work for them but this did not happen.

The reality was that no one wanted to hire me because I lacked the relevant experience and skills needed in the IT workspace in New Zealand.

In hindsight, I realise while studying for my Ph.D., I should have been acquiring the relevant skills and the required experience for the kind of job I was desiring.

Dear Students or job seeker, what are you doing today to gain the skills or experience needed for the role you’re dreaming about?

Think about…

  1. Learning the required skills relevant to that industry
  2. Learning and using the latest technologies and tools in that space
  3. Networking with the right people
  4. Think about freelancing with your skills. This can help build a much-needed portfolio.
  5. Volunteering your skills in places that matter (this will help you acquire #1-3 above faster)

Don’t just sit and wait for that time to come. Get busy! Thank me later.

  • Dr Samuel Ekundayo
    Education is important but its not enough!

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