Going down this memory lane feels so good! It’s our 4th Edition…

Honestly the longer I’m here the more I see, understand and appreciate the importance of writing. Just good, old writing. Documenting your thoughts, ideas, concepts, plans, goals and if you want to take it a notch higher, a vision board. I actually forgot all about my ‘Me First’ article. Till I read it again! The interesting thing is I not only wrote it, I’m following through. So in 2017 I decided to go on a self love journey. It was what I needed at the time and the results have paid very high dividends. Once I fixed self love, other’s love became easy. Some of the dividends of my self love journey was, I began to think comfortably outside the box, broke up with the critics and confidently stood my ground even when the ground was shaky. Today the ground isn’t shaking as much anymore and I’m still standing tall… I knew I had the stamina to stay till I slayed and you do too! Memory lane has never felt this good y’all…

You don’t need a million

The delectable, cool, calm, sophisticated Adaora Evulukwu is a mentee that warms my heart anytime I think of her entrepreneurial journey. Always a teacher’s adorable student. Easily inspired, teachable and action packed. With her the mentoring is all worth the effort! All I said to her was ‘ just start’ and she ran with it. Today Diznos food express is flying. Amazing, mouthwatering food delivered conveniently to your doorstep wherever that door is! A toast to this lawyer turned entrepreneur! This down memory lane story is a sweet one…

Top 10 Visionary countdown

Eateries you love in Abuja

Where are all the foodies in the house?

So this list was good in 2017 but now? Naaaaa… too many new kids on the block! That’s why you can’t give up and you can’t slow down! I’m definitely working on a new list asap, that’s for sure. Stay locked in guys, keep an eye on this space.

From both sides

I just love checking out products. Many times they promise so much and deliver so little, but few times they are actually humble then Wao you by overdelivering and being on point! For this one you’ve got to watch yourself and you be the judge. I didn’t say nothing!

Get your business out of the dark!

So many Nigerians criticize this brand in many quarters but for me and from me it’s still a thumbs up! At least for now! They did more than getting their business out of the dark, they are in your face, your homes, cinemas, phones, name it. Truly from me it’s more than a thumbs up, it’s also a thank you and a God bless. Now I don’t have to wait till 4 pm to watch tv I don’t even want to watch? What’s not to thank? For good quality, endless content, I say thank you. For parental control I say kudos. You don’t have to watch what you don’t want to and your kids don’t have to either. It’s called CHOICE! Use it! Finally for getting your business and others out of the dark I say you are the best. At least for now. Sweet memory lane…

Naija for life

What’s not to love about our proudly made in Nigeria products? If you are still being cynical look again! We are not there yet but with products like Banrut Rolls, the future is so much brighter than we can envisage!

An A plus for Banrut an A for Naija!

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