Of course Greenpath kids have talent. They are academically sound, they sing well, they dance, they act like Hollywood is learning from them and yes they play hard. All characteristic traits of successful kids. But there’s a new type of talent we are talking about here. A new type of cool. Kidpreneurs. These cool kids have some amazing ideas that would make even the most talented adults wince with envy. But best of all these cool kidpreneurs are talking about the importance of character and why all kids should have it. Just when I was about to give up on Nigeria these kids gave me hope. Sweet hope I must say. Most of them are less than ten years old but can confidently talk about the importance of good character. They know it counts! What you do when no one is looking! I have a feeling when these super cool leaders of tomorrow are in charge of the affairs of Nigeria they would do better. Poverty would be a thing of the past, lack of power would be unheard of, children out of school, ASSU strikes would be a thing of the past, dilapidated infrastructures in different sectors across the land would be so foreign. Not in Nigeria. Finally, I believe elections would be done differently. No postponements, no rigging, no violence, no “ do or die” election syndrome. Government would no longer be the biggest business, maybe Nollywood. Intellectual property would count. Innovation would be rewarded, business moguls would be real, hardworking, honest citizens. ill gotten, questionable wealth would no longer be acceptable and celebrated. How I long for this Nigeria, the Nigeria of our dreams. With these kids this our nightmare might finally come to an end. If this isn’t talent then what is?

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