"Hems and Seams" Tolu Olorunfemi talks about how she started out

Q: Tell us how it all started
A: I have always loved fashion and creativity. The idea that you could create something out of nothing.I have always loved watching fashion tv, i kept fashion magazines. Even though i wasn’t conscious of it being a passion it has always been there . Over the years i have had people com up to me and they were like “Tolu I’m going for an event, can you tell me what to wear” and i find myself providing that service for them. At a point in life i just knew and decided this is what i want to do. I spoke to my mum and put together some savings which was under four hundreds thousand naira. I got a machine and a tailor and i started business. It wasn’t easy at first as i had to deal with tailors who didn’t understand their jobs and the common mistake where people think I’m a tailor. A designer is different from a tailor. We had other problems like electricity, transportation and getting the right fabrics.
Over the years things have changed and now I’m working with a lot of people. My job has taken me places that i didn’t think it would be possible. I have clients calling from outside Nigeria. My turn over is 3 times what i put into the business and its being totally wonderful.
Power Points to note

  • Passion; love what you do, do what you love
  • If you hate your 9-5, its a sign or indication you are in the wrong career or place
  • You can overcome challenges
  • It gets better

Action Plan

  • Everyone has something they are passionate about, but you have to discover it
  • Take every opportunity to discover yourself
  • Have an exit plan from your 9-5
  • Challenges would come but if you persevere you will overcome and win
  • If you stay with it you would have outstanding success

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