Home-Based Business For Housewives

What are home-based business?
They are income-generating activities you carry out from the comfort of your home. They are small traditional or technology-assisted business you do from home without hurting your status as full-time housewives, or career women, on the other end of the spectrum. Experts agree that it is “a business whose office is in the owner’s home.”
Essentially, you set up your office and work from home. They are cottage business but different from the pursuit of hobbies. If you are running a home-based business, you have to get up in the morning, dress up for work and take your office space at home to work.
The hours and pace may vary from white collar jobs’ scenarios but you will establish a routine to succeed. You may also have to step out of the house once in a while to take some meetings, make delivery or execute clients’ works.
Characteristics of home-based business
They are most suitable for full-time housewives because you are in control of your time and lives. You live a work-life balance which is elusive to career women in the workplace. You manage your family, and enjoy a self-fulfilling; instead of depression-prone life.
The business are easy to start, manage and exit. You can start with or without capital, utilising existing resources at home to start small and watch it grow. You do not have to commute to work or worry about long hours. You are the boss.
Bouquet of home-based business
The list of home-based business is inexhaustible. Humans will continue to innovate and create goods and services to meet our insatiable needs. Thinkers and innovators will continue to roam freely in our capitalist economy. All you need to do is to set aside time to meditate.
Meditation unlocks ideas. We seldom meditate. We are too busy chasing basic bread and butter that we miss the substance. The essence of living is to achieve our full potential and use our talents to enrich and add value to our world, and lead a peaceful life.
In the meantime, you can begin with your low-hanging fruits. This will depend on your opportunities, environment, passion, knowledge, skills and attitudes, social support, personal drive and interest, and budget.
Abraham Maslow said that humans will always need to breathe, need home, food, water, sex, sleep, homeostasis, and excretion. You can consider creating home-based business to meet physiological needs of the world around you.
What about becoming a tailor or fashion designer? Can you knit customised souvenirs for children? Can you serve as a personal chef for busy families or offer catering services for take-away breakfast, snacks or outdoor events? Can you be an events planner, master-of-ceremony at weddings? Can you care for the elderly, sick or special children?
Can you be involved in interior decorations for new residents in the neighbourhood or serve as coordinator at friends or acquaintances’ events? Can you clean up new homes or after house warming?
Can you babysit babies and infants of busy couples? Can you manage a provision store? Can you make bead and wireworks? Can you make soaps, cleaning, spa and other beauty products? Can you open a beauty salon?
Can you become a small-scale farmer if your backyard is available to rear fish, birds or domesticated animals for the protein consumption market? Can you also grow and sell farm produce?
Do you want to be involved in gardening, landscaping, furniture, interior or architectural design services? Can you rent out the extra room in your house to a youth corps member or a young couple? Can you be involved in real estate investment or agency services? Can you rent out your car on hire?
Can you become a life coach or counsellor? Can you offer lessons in art, craft, music or dance and languages subjects to students? Can you become a consultant offering advisory services? Can you become a fitness or personal trainer?
If you are technology-savvy, can you use the telephone, computers, Internet and new media for clerical, desk-top publishing, typing, secretarial, graphs, design, freelance writing, social media expertise, blogging, editing, proofreading and research works?
Great business started from home
Great brands started from home. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple from Jobs’ garage. So did Amazon, Disney, Google and Hewlett-Packard. The Tony Elumelu Foundation that recently hosted the historic boot camp at Covenant University for 1,000 emerging African entrepreneurs started in the home library of the visionary, Mr. Tony Elumelu.
Next step?
You should overcome your fears and consider all the personal, family, social, economic and legal requirements to enable you start your home-based business as a full-time housewife.

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