How To Deliver Excellent Customer Service

It can take extra resources, time and money, but excellent customer service can help your business grow and prosper.
Experts note that the service function is effective only if the customer is satisfied.
According to them, the needs of a client may not be understood at the first encounter, but efforts should be made to determine such needs for better satisfaction.
This is because high quality customer service will make your organisation a force to reckon with among others offering similar products.
Moreover, a customer may lodge a complaint after purchasing a product or given a service that is found unsatisfactory; it is when the outcome of the customer’s complaint is unpleasant that the company is perceived as bad and its product considered worthless.
On the average, a customer who gets a bad service will end up telling at least three people about it. The three people will in turn relate it to at least nine more people and the story keeps spreading, with the company losing potential customers in the process.
Keep to promises
Experts note that reliability is very important in business and it is an important issue in customer service.
According to a business consultant, Mr. Olaniyi Odunsi, it is better not to make promises that are unrealistic because you may not be able to keep.
“Appointment with clients should be kept and deadlines met. Not keeping to promise discourages most people and it deters customers from continuous patronage. If you have promised to make a product ready by Thursday, make sure you do everything possible to keep to it,” he says.
Show genuine appreciation
Experts say customer service starts with a smile, as such give your clients a warm greeting whenever they approach you.
Odunsi says, “Show gratitude for their patronage. This can be expressed with words, messages or souvenirs. Handle the task of your customer with courtesy and respect. Do not let your own emotion override your desire to make your clients happy.
“Some of your customers may be on the lookout for whether you really care about them; therefore, be sincere when expressing your appreciation.”
Create communities
Customer communities are online spaces used by the social customer to connect with the companies they care about.
Experts note that customer-centric companies leverage on communities to deliver outstanding support, accelerate sales, differentiate themselves from competitors, and stay current on what customers really want.
According to them the platform is used to acquire new customers through customer-generated marketing content and address complaints.
“You can bring various customers together by using webinars, interactive websites, social media, trade shows and conventions. And don’t forget that while your customers come to these forums to learn from you, you can learn from them,” Odunsi adds.
Communicate effectively
Professionals say making a lasting impression is enough to make your customers come back for more; hence they suggest that a clear, concise and interesting delivery when marketing.
Odunsi says, “Communicate well so that your customers are properly informed on matters relevant to the service. Let them have accurate information, which is what they want. Ensure that the services you are offering are realistic. Let them understand how you operate and simplify the business transaction as much as possible to avoid confusion.”
Treat your employees well
Experts say your employees are your internal clients and because they are always in constant touch with your clients, they need to be appreciated as well.
According to Odunsi, when you treat your employees with respect, there is a tendency they will transfer this high regard to your customers; appreciation starts from the management to the employee and it is transferred to the client.
Get regular feedback
Experts say to improve on your services, you need to encourage your clients to make regular suggestions about how you can improve on your services.
There are several ways by which you can find out how your clients value your services. Feedback can be requested through e-mail, text messages or forms made available at the company. Listen carefully to everything they say and make necessary adjustments.
Make the environment entertaining
It is common to see restaurant and relaxation centres play music for the listening pleasure of their guests. This is because music has proven to be effective in attracting customers.
Experts advise business owners to play good music that is appropriate for their business.
For example, it has been observed that a games centre can get increased patronage from youths if it plays trending music.
An entrepreneur, Andrew Griffiths, observes that background music can be very enjoyable, but loud music can be intrusive and a real irritant for some customers, based on a lot of research done on the effects of music on customers.
He says that in the restaurant trade, it is generally known that diners eat to the beat.
According to him, if you want your customers to eat quickly and move on, you play music with a faster beat; if you want them to take their time, perhaps buy another bottle of wine, play music with a slow beat.

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