I Have Always Had Passion For Hair and Fashion-Ifeoma Anyanwu (CEO STRANDS AND O'GODOR REPUBLIC)

Q:Tell us how it all started?
A:Am here to encourage you to start your business no matter how small it is. I have always had passion for hair and fashion. During my youth service year i used to go to my aunty’s shop at Sheraton hotel Abuja, in the process I met a diplomat who offered me a job to be part of a monitoring team in the up-coming election [1998/1999]. At the end of the exercise I was paid $2000. When I got the money a lot of thoughts came into my mind on what to do with the money but one thought that was consistent was to open a salon which was what I have always wanted to own and I just followed my heart and passion, and that was how Strands was born and it has grown. While the salon was in progress I thought also that I needed to take my designing talent to the next level. One day my personal tailor told me about someone that wanted to rent her tailoring space, I went and we settled on the price and that was how O’godor was born. From one sewing machine we were able to increase our machines and bought materials in large quantities now we have moved to a bigger place and O’godor is nine years old. I persevered, I was determined and I was focused that is why I am where I am today.
My Name is Ifeoma Anyanwu(CEO STRANDS AND O’GODOR)… You don’t need a million to start a business.
You don’t need a million naira to make your move in business, have confidence in yourself and go in the direction of your dreams…
• Listen for opportunities, humble yourself and start small.
• Don’t just be a pretty face with nothing to show for it or well packaged but zero in your account. Make your move NOW!! You don’t need a million

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