Like seriously…

I’m still shocked I did that!

Maybe a little embarrassed too, but… Someone had to do it!

I just had to be really upfront with these kids!

Remember those games our parents played with us growing up where they all came first in class, had the highest GP average or were the best student in their class or school?


I think some of us still play those games today!

Mostly stories for the gods!

But I just had to come clean!

I didn’t come first, I wasn’t the best and I got no end of school year gifts!

Not once, not ever!

I was a good, consistent AVERAGE!

At least I wasn’t down and out but I never came up higher either.

Hard as I tried.

It just didn’t happen!

So I left school not feeling so super smart but as I got into the nitty gritty of real life the first thing I touched literarily turned to gold!

My very first goose began to lay golden eggs and I’ve kept watch over that goose ever since!

So I’m super smart after all!

Maybe just not in academics but throw me in enterprise and I’m like fish in water!

I thrive!

There was definitely a bit of luck in finding my AMAZING, but getting the goose to keep laying the golden egg has been anything but luck!

It’s been passion, perseverance, hard work, determination, many tears to bed, but waking up with a smile…. Trust me you don’t want the details!

What you do want to know is that my early average life didn’t define me, didn’t deter me and didn’t discourage me!

I knew I had my own brand of magic, intelligence because mum and dad said so!

They gave me wings to fly and I did!

They helped me turn my average to amazing…

The stage is set and you are on the hot seat!

Are you celebrating the average in your kids and encouraging them to find their awesome?

Or…. you fill in the gaps. (You know what you do when they come back with those shaky scores)

I studied so hard for WAEC it was crazy.

I didn’t want to disappoint my dad, he was such a cool dude!

My super hero dad celebrated my Pass grade in math like it was an A!

He understood that math wasn’t my area of strength.

No qualms!

I was his queen of talk! I couldn’t put figures together but I could talk!

He remains my hero forever!

Thumbs up to all my A students!

You are truly phenomenal, but to all my average guys, I’m truly cheering you on because I know you are awesome at something, you have your own brand of magic, you just have to find it!

Just like I did!

P.S Super mums pls cut these academically average guys some slack and let’s get busy helping them find their magic! The world is desperately waiting for them…

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