In Business, Choose The Right Friends

In professional circles, business to business partnerships with friends have often not yielded the expected results.
Experts attribute the failure to self-centred approach of one or the two partners.
However, business consultants note that the trend has shifted as the “me first” attitude is quickly becoming a thing of the past with more emphasis being placed on teamwork and achieving better results in partnership with others.
According to them, such a relationship is meant to benefit both parties and often times goes deeper beyond the business environment.
The Chief Executive Officer, Solvere Word Consult, Mr. Remi Dairo, attests to the benefits of doing business with friends.
According to him, better productivity can be achieved when people who are upbeat, creative, resourceful, optimistic, responsible and light-hearted are involved in your struggle.
While highlighting the importance of friends with benefits, he asks, “When was the last time you sat with a friend to create a great new idea upon which you acted and made something happen? Will your friends help drive your personal start-up as you strive to create a career path or watch you struggle as you go along? Do you know your friends can contribute to your productivity?”
Expand your list of friends to include upbeat, creative, resourceful, optimistic, responsible and light-hearted people.
He highlights some strategies that business managers can use to recruit new friends into their social circle.
Create a target list
Dairo suggests premeditating the kind of values that are preferred in the acquaintances.
He adds that this will give an insight into the calibre of people who will be beneficial to your business and you can add value to.
He says, “Based on your own personal values and objectives, generate a list to include the calibre of people you want to attract. You may be looking to attract leaders, professionals, elites, social workers, entrepreneurs, angel investors, activist, entertainers or sport men and many more. Prepare to welcome into your life new friends who will advance your course.”
Make a cold call
Dairo observes that the potential friends are likely to be busy with their lives; as a result, you should reach out to them when they are free.
According to him, the only way you are going to get their attention and time is if you can easily convince them that you have something of value to offer.
He says, “Your value eliminates that feeling of ‘who am I to contact this person’ and once you dial that number, you know you are doing a favour by reaching out to them.”
Get involved in social gatherings
Getting involved in social activities and community development projects can allow you to influence more people and interact with people of like minds, Dairo posits.
He says, “Start a book club, attend business meetings and free lectures, support the best and seek out groups of passionate, public service-minded volunteers, who are out there to make a change and make the world a better place. Wherever you find yourself, strike up a conversation because you will never know what that person can do for your dreams until you get to know them.”
The life coach adds, “Going through your to-do list, identify where each of your friends can come in. Simultaneously include what projects each of them are doing and note how you can be of help. From time to time, host your friends and watch the friendship grow into something more cordial and productive a network of achievers.”
The Co-Founder of inventRight, Stephen Key, in his article on entrepreneur.com, highlights some important people that are crucial to the success of any business. These are:
Your legal team
He says everyone loves to hate on attorneys, but when their services are needed, they quickly become your closest allies.
Key adds, “If you have any intention of filing intellectual property, you’ll need to befriend them. Legal advice is expensive, to be sure, but it’s also priceless. Find attorneys whom you respect and want to work with.”
Tax accountants
According to him, tax advice is priceless; as such the best tax accountant you can afford should be hired.
Keys says he or she will help save you money in the long run as well as keep you out of trouble.
Successful friends
Surround yourself with them; try not to be envious; instead, focus on what they can teach you.
Your opponent
Key notes that a number-one enemy can keep business managers on their toes. However, he adds that he or she should encourage you to be more competitive, not upset you.
He says, “I keep an eye on what my enemies are doing because I want to be better than them. Even if your enemy drives you nuts, don’t let yourself fester about it. You can’t control how other people feel and act.”
Your customers
According to Key, if you treat your customers well, they will become your army of supporters and will stick by you through thick and thin.
“When you call on them – to write a review on Amazon or comment on a blog – they will be ready and willing to offer you their support. That is truly priceless. Ultimately, your customer service will help you keep your competitors at bay,” he adds.

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