Q: How did you come about with the name cocktail in and out.
A: My husband brought the name, and it went with the kind of business I wanted to go into, it actually gave an idea of what I wanted to do. The in and out shows that we will be indoors and we will be outdoors.
Q: How did you get into cocktails?
A: Am a foodie person and I like to be different. It actually came about with me wanting to have a party and I was like, how can this party be different with my minimum budget so rather than the regular soft-drinks we made cocktail drinks and that was how the business started.
Q: When did you know this should be made a business?
A: I think it was more of the passion and I was enjoying what I was doing rather than seeing it as a business. It took me about eight months to realize there was a business in there. At that stage I did a lot of freebies especially any time we wanted to introduce new drink that people have not tried in the past.
Q: How do you cope with catering with a lot of celebrity events?
A: We try as much as possible to make sure that two events are never on the same day and we try as much as possible to be very professional.
Q: How do you balance family and business?
A: My husband is a very understanding person and my kids are amazing more over they are much older now and they can manage without me around.
Q: How do you source for funds?
A: It’s more from the money we make but now our bank is helping, initially when we started they didn’t want to help. Banks don’t help you when u are starting.
Q: What is your advice to young upcoming entrepreneurs?
A: Look for what it is that you love doing.
Q: How much do you make?
A: (laughs) it’s so much that I can’t even mention it.
Q: What is your long term plan?
A: We see cocktails in and out going places and we will also franchise in future.
Lara: Thank you so much, it’s being nice talking to you.

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