“my grand mum gave me twenty naira (N20) to do business”

Q: how do you stay on top of your game being the CEO of vintage watches?
A: I stay on top of my game because I have passion for what I do, the business gives me joy and I talk about it all the time and that gives me fulfillment.
Q: how did you get into watches?
A: I got into watches by working for John Abayowana ltd Nicon Hilton, I served him for seven years and am grateful to him for that opportunity to serve and learn though I have always loved watches as a child, he gave me the avenue to explore more.
Q: how is your everyday operation like?
A: I come to the office by 9am, sometimes I go for appointments and presentations with high network individuals. I also check on my staff to see how they are doing, I go through the records and sometimes the job takes me outside the state for people that are unable to come here. Basically I do different things every day.
Q: tell us about your journey.
A: Am actually working with my talent. A graduate of Accounting. I grew up with my grandmother who was a petty trader that sold food items except for pepper. When people come to buy things they will go somewhere else to buy pepper, I didn’t like that so I decided to borrow twenty naira from her and started selling pepper which boomed. That was actually where my buying and selling started, I went to school in the morning and did my business in the afternoon after school.
Q: lessons learnt from the business.
A: I have learnt not to sell on credit because it kills the business.
Q: What does success mean to you?
A: Success to me is when I see people around me being successful through what I did for them especially my family members and not me being successful and having a lot of money in my bank account.
Lara: Thank you so much Faith, it’s been so nice talking to you.

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