Its the dawn of a new day: Nigeria Welcomes Change.

I’m happy the peoples voice has finally been heard and its a dawn of a new day for our country Nigeria as president-elect Mohammed Buhari takes over the reigns of power from President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.buhari-vs-jonathan-360nobs.jpg-4
Let it be known to all that despite his short comings during his tenure, President Goodluck Jonathan is a hero in his own way, his reaction in the face of defeat is commendable as the outcome of the presidential election results would have tested his resolve and yet he acted with dignity and honor and even called the president-elect to congratulate him before the final results were announced. Shocking right?
Anyway, I believe its a new dawn for Nigeria in the sense that corruption would be curbed to an extent. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not calling the President-elect our savior… No. I’m just saying I see greater opportunities for this blessed country of ours to grow with better entrepreneurial opportunities and in other sectors of the economy.
But then again this is just my opinion. Lets hear yours by leaving your comments below. God bless Nigeria.

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