So I’ve had a really good rest, think time, and amazing “me time”. No luxury at all! I’m still working on my 2020 goals, my vision board and all of that but I’m back to work. Yes part time work but work nonetheless. Okay maybe I feel a little guilty when I say WORK sometimes because my work for the most part, (not all) has always been my play. I love what I do, enjoy it, love the perks, so it doesn’t always feel like crazy, mind boggling work! Definitely not rocket science! So I’m supposed to rest more, get more time off but here I am missing work like it’s a love affair. Well maybe it is, and maybe that’s how work should feel. Awesome! A lot of times! Don’t get me wrong nothing can be awesome all the time, maybe with the exception of heaven because obviously we’ve heard it’s awesome there all the time right? But this is earth and if what you do for about 8- 12 hours or more 5,6 or 7 days of the week doesn’t feel amazing then you are in the wrong field. Get out! And fast! But hold it! Maybe not so fast okay… you have to answer these simple questions first. Are you single or married, young or not so young? Have responsibilities or currently a free spirit? Issues or no ishs? Desperate for a change or just coasting home, happy go lucky type? So if you are married with kids, have plenty responsibilities and not so young just hold on right now! Not so fast! You’ve got to have a great exit strategy to move into your dreams successfully. So for you I say keep your day job, work on your dreams and work hardest on yourself. However if you are young, have no ishs and desperate for a change then 2020 is a good time to take a leap, take the risk and do your thing. You can’t get a better time or a better wind. This is it! So I started my entrepreneurial journey when I was about 25! No ishs! It was sweet and truly it’s a good time, place and way to get it going on. If you love your day job then good for you, be the best but if you are like me and you want to do your own thing then this is the time and the place. The time is right the wind is right. So for me in the last few years I’ve added to the dreams in my heart. Some took off, some didn’t fly as fast as I wanted but NO is not my cup of tea, if I want it I would do all I need to get it and so should you. So while I’m working on these dreams I keep doing my day job and loving it! Hustle continues. For me shopping continues! #funjob #play #travel #lovemyjob. What’s your 2020 plan and what’s your plan for the decade? Remember 10years goes just like that. Plan, execute and keep planning! It’s your time!

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