Lack of Planning, Stifles SMEs’ Growth – Hub D’Affaires

Ineffectiveness and stagnancy of some Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs, in the country have been attributed to lack of proper planning and eventual follow-up, which are germane to realizing set objectives and goals needed for entrepreneurial development in the country. According Chief Executive Officer, CEO, HUB D AFFAIRES a conglomerate of entrepreneurs, Oke Abioye, at a press briefing and the unveiling of (Day Planner), ‘failures of SMEs to properly plan their business goal and eventual follow up have been the clog in the wheel of progress for these enterprise’. Speaking further, ‘this great innovations has got great features that enables users to plan vital aspects of their professional lives on daily bases, as most strategic Planning Experts will agree , even with the advent of technology; nothing still beats a pen on paper planning ‘. Oke, further reiterated that, despite series of efforts put in place by different stakeholders over time, to ensure the development and sustainability of SMEs over the years, ‘the inability to put in place a ‘Day- to-Day’ planning have not enabled these enterprises metamorphosed into corporations that can provide jobs massively, as well as contribute massively into the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country.

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