The Top 10 Practical Things to do to Survive an Economic Downturn

1.Downsize quickly
2.Take responsibility
3.Forgive yourself, forgive others.
4.Give yourself time to recover
5.Back to the drawing board
6.Implement your next plan in spite of your fears
7.Go slow but steady
8.Ditch the naysayers
9.Believe in yourself , fail forward
10.Stay positive in a negative world

2. Take responsibility. This sounds so simplistic sometimes to the point of becoming a cliche. Almost everyone would own up with little or no resistance to the idea they have or are taking responsibility about where they are, but the reality is that the concept has lost so much ground to the point of becoming trite. Bottom line is, it’s easier to say and think, than to actually take responsibility for one’ s actions. In taking responsibility your actions are usually louder than your words. For me that’s how I know when I’m in pity party mood or taking responsibility mood. So much has been said about how bad sulking, pity parties are. Infact they’ve been downright demonized. But for me a little sulking and pity party isn’t all that bad as long as you don’t build a monument for the occasion. It’s called being human. So if you ask me enjoy your pity party while it lasts but don’t spend the night there. A little misery and a good plan thereafter is a good idea. Deciding to take full responsibility is a sign you have learnt your lessons, answered the tough questions and ready to move. The most important activity in taking responsibility is the ability to think, ask yourself the painful, honest questions and the will to own up, take the blame and have a “do better” plan for the future. Anything short of this is going round in circles or the proverbial “Israeli journey”. Some of the painful, honest questions should include, why did I do it? Did I do my due diligence? What red flags did I ignore, why did I compromise like I did? Next the will to own up means you say, it was me, not the government, not mum or dad or hubby or wifey, NO! It was all ME! Own up and own it! This is a painful place to be. It’s certainly no walk in the park but damn good medicine. Once you own up and own it the healing process begins. Finally you are liberated and freed from the blame game prison and life takes on a whole new meaning. Amazing ideas and “do better” plans begin to flood your soul. Alas the baby is ready to be born, the womb has become small, the birth canal is itching and waiting to make the transition, labour is sure but short, a new world full of hope, opportunity and possibilities await. It’s so true there is light at the end of the tunnel. I always heard it but never knew it. Now I do!

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