Naija Parents Please Wake Up!

Apparently we seem to be way behind on more issues than we realize in Nigeria. As far as governance is concerned we are definitely way behind, but for me its more about taking personal responsibility. I should at least be excellent in the areas I have control over. One of those areas is my family and l. Today’s decisions would impact either positively or negatively on us. That’s why the Bella Weems story is a classical to me any day… just like most naija kids from the middle to upper class family she had a serious sense of entitlement. Her request sounded more like “ mum and dad I’ve come of age buy me a car. And yes NOW”! She however got a good, rude shock. They let her know if she wanted a car then SHE had to make it happen. No freebies or “awoof” anything happening here. Best part of the story is she made it happen! Bigger and better than the best dreams she could think of or imagine. Her parents? Pure love for them. They pushed, they encouraged, they inspired and they were an active part of making this the huge success it is today. The Nigerian story sadly is a bit different but we can change the narrative when we nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in our kids. For me it’s never too early. Hopefully down the line you wouldn’t start praying up and down about something you should have taken action on. The change starts with you. It’s hard to give what you don’t have…

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