Nigerians Divided Over AU’s Single Currency, Passport Proposal

Nigerians are divided over the proposed introduction of a single currency and passport by the African Union for its member states.
While some of them told the News Agency of Nigeria that it was a welcome development, others cautioned against its implementation.
A financial expert, Mr. Mubo Oladigun, said the proposal though a welcome development, could face some challenges in its implementation.
He gave one of such challenges as the differences in political systems and culture among African countries.
He, therefore, advised African leaders to jettison the idea of a single currency and concentrate on good governance.
A banker, Mr. Babatunde Johnson, said African leaders should not be in a hurry to copy every policy adopted by Europe.
He cautioned that the single currency project worked in Europe did not imply that it would succeed in Africa given the socio-cultural makeup of the two continents.
Johnson said African leaders should rather concern themselves with the best way to maximise the human and material potential on the continent to ensure its development.
Mrs. Felicia Ikechukwu said the proposal was a welcome development, adding that “it will further unite us as Africans.”
The AU Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Mr. Anthony Maruping, had on June 12 in Johannesburg said African leaders were contemplating adopting a common currency and passport.
“The single currency and passport are aimed at connecting Africa through world class infrastructure with a concerted push to finance and implement major projects,” he was quoted as saying.

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