Nigerians Optimistic About Economy —Report

Despite the harsh economic conditions and insecurity in the country, Nigerians have expressed optimism about the future of the country.
In a new report released on Friday by the United States-based Pew Research Centre, Nigeria’s economic attitudes “swung dramatically” in just the past year.
“In Nigeria, views of economic conditions have brightened 18 points. Meanwhile, economic sentiment has darkened in Malaysia (down 26 points), Chile (down 24 points) and Russia (down 20 points).
“In the 40 nations surveyed, a median of 45 per cent says economic conditions in their country are good. And just 39 per cent believe that their economy will improve over the next year, a pessimism that echoes projections by the International Monetary Fund that 2015 global growth will be marginally slower than in 2014. Only in developing nations does a majority (58 per cent) expect conditions to get better,” the study said.
In the report, just 45 per cent around the world express the view that today’s children would be better off financially than their parents. But such doubt is largely centred in advanced economies, where only 27 per cent think kids will be better off. About half or more of those surveyed in emerging markets (51 per cent) and developing nations (54 per cent) expect the next generation to exceed their parents financially.
The most optimistic about prospects for the next generation are the Vietnamese (91 per cent), Chinese (88 per cent), Nigerians (84 per cent) and Ethiopians (84 per cent). The most doubtful about the next generation’s prospects are the French (14 per cent optimistic), Italians (15 per cent) and Japanese (18 per cent).
These are among the main findings of a new Pew Research Centre survey, conducted in 40 nations among 45, 435 respondents from March 25 to May 27, 2015.
According to the International Monetary Fund, the world economy is growing at a moderate pace. The report noted that much of this growth is being driven by economic activity in advanced economies at a time when expansion in emerging and developing economies is slowing.

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