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Type of Opportunity: Distributor / Agent / Reseller
Overview of Opportunity: Footwear company ELVIGA is seeking partnerships with wholesalers, distributors and resellers in Africa.
ELVIGA is a footwear trade company registered in Hong Kong, under a western founders and management, and our factories located in Guangzhou, China. We have three main catalogues representing 12 collections which include almost 400 different styles for women and men.
Our shoes are sold under the brand of “Maurro Rossi”, a growing range with the hottest collections that are always up-do-date.
The company is a wholesaler and we aim for the bigger buyers and distributors all over the world. However, if you are not buying in quantity, we will always find the right solution for you.
Our shoes are of high quality and the quality control team ensures a final product with zero defects.
We are able to do all the tests, such as SGS and ISO, according to customer requests, using third-party labs. The production is of world standard in every aspect.
Our efforts focus on understanding a customer’s needs. The ‘order leader’ you’ll speak to will be the person you deal with throughout the entire process. Whether small or large, we are happy to serve you and to deliver on time.
The founders collectively have over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing and shipping around the globe. They have strong academic backgrounds and place the customer first. They believe passion must be part of a business as well as a strict understanding of the buyer’s needs and budgets.
The founders’ team reflects their views and their passion. From their on-site sales team, the production process and total commitment to customers and to a job’s success is always part of doing business.
Website: www.elviga.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/elvigaltd
Twitter: www.twitter.com/elvigaltd
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/elvigalimited/
Phone Number:
+86 186 2015 2242
+86 135 6026 6765
Email: contactus@elviga.com
Business Name: Elviga

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