OUR THOUGHTS: Its Amazing how Facebook is Aggressively Driving the Narrative in Creating a Society that Encourages and Makes it Easy for Women to Start and Grow a Business.

Speaking during the ”SheMeansBusiness” dinner in Lagos, Dzinoreva said that Facebook was collaborating with ”She Leads Africa” to intensify female entrepreneurship training in Nigeria.

She said that training would be intensified through its ”SheMeansBusiness” programme that was launched in Nigeria in 2018.

According to her, the company trained over 4,000 female entrepreneurs in the country in 2018, through the SheMeansBusiness programme.

“We are going to continue to train thousands of women as well this year. Not very different from what we did last year, the only difference this year is that we are going into university as well.

“So we are going to be crossing 10 different universities across the country, as well as continuing to train female entrepreneurs.

“The ideas of the programme is for women to come together to learn how to use digital platforms to grow their businesses, but in doing so, we also have a number of other types of engagements.

“And as they do this, there are opportunities to network and learn how to actually grow their businesses.

“This year, we are bringing financial literacy into the programme as well. it is an opportunity to empower and support female business owners and aspiring female business owners,” she said.

Dzinoreva said that there were no specific criteria to engage on the programme, but just the entrepreneurial spirit of women who were either aspiring or existing entrepreneurs.

She said that Facebook felt that there was definitely a need to do something a bit different for the women.

“There is something about creating spaces for women because we know that when women are doing well, their communities are doing well.

“When women are doing well; their families are doing well, businesses, industries are doing well and ultimately, the economy is driving as well.

“So we wanted to create a programme that was exclusively for women who were either one of you or are women who are thinking about opening a business and just need a little bit of inspiration,” Dzinoreva said.

The Director, Public Policy Africa at Facebook, Ebele Okobi, said that there was the need for women to be in charge of their destinies, as it would affect the nation.

OUR THOUGHTS: Its amazing how Facebook is aggressively driving the narrative in creating a society that encourages and makes it easy for women to start and grow a business. As far back as humans have existed there has been clear obstacles in reaching success points for female entrepreneurs. Nigeria has certainly been no exception in this trend. The are obvious distinct differences in how men and women are treated as entrepreneurs, some of these practices are frequently damaging to women trying to start and grow a successful business.
In Nigeria, entrepreneurship is fueled by necessity, most women see entrepreneurship as an alternative to standing in line waiting for a paycheck and as a way of taking control of their own destiny. Most notably, fewer people want to take risks on women entrepreneurs, banks are often unwilling to provide loans to women in Nigeria wanting to start a business. Some of these rejection come in form of unreasonable requests made before your loan applications can go through, unreasonable collateral, personal favours ( if you know what I mean), you walk away literarily feeling like they asked for your blood and your kids. However Kudos to Access bank and Diamond bank, they seem to be breaking out of this mould and practicing the real banking the way it’s done in countries going somewhere to happen…
Our kind advice to facebook is to create a network of interlocking institutions, policies and cultural attitudes collectively known as the entrepreneurship ecosystem to bridge the gap of female involvement in entrepreneurship, not considering religion, ethnic group, tribe and of course political affiliations.

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