Roland Igbinoba CEO Pison Housing company Gives An Insight Into The Industry; His Journey So Far(Part 1)

The journey of an inspiring entrepreneur ROLAND IGBINOBA CEO Pison Housing Company.
Pison housing company is a commercial real estate and housing finance advisory firm with considerable deal providing customised services to individuals,corporate and multinational companies.
We had an interview with him and he shared a couple of his success secrets and also shed light on the journey so far.

Q: how does a young person discover his/her passion?
A: For me the way I would speak to a young person is that thing that you don’t like, can you do anything about it. The reason you don’t like something is because there is a passion for it and at the end of the day you are asking the question how can I make a change, that force drives you to your passion. We should convert all the energy of our complain to passion and we will see that a change has been made, we should also bear in mind that we can’t change the world in a day but the little you do day by day will go a long way and you will be surprised how much impact you have made.
Hhmmm… Nigerians complain alot and justifiably so sometimes, but it’s time to take action, convert all that negative energy into achievements,start thinking, start doing…
Watch this space for more… On Roland Igbinoba CEO Pison Housing Company as he discusses the brand,challenges and his advice to young upcoming entrepreneurs.

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