Skye Bank Supports Women Entrepreneurship Programme

Skye Bank Plc has lent its support to the African Women Entrepreneurship Programme (AWEP) in its bid to assist female entrepreneurs succeed in business through access to business opportunities and funding.
The bank said it provided mentoring and educational support to female entrepreneurs during the recent inaugural meeting of the south west African Women Entrepreneurship Program, which attracted women entrepreneurs from Lagos, Abuja, Oyo, Ondo, and Ekiti states.
According to a statement issued by the bank, the meeting which took place in Lagos, focused on disseminating valuable information on the opportunities that women can leverage on to grow their business throughout the entrepreneurial journey, from start-up to established organisations with exportable products.
The statement said the bank enlightened the women on the Skye Pearl Initiative which they could leverage to develop their financial expertise and access credit. The Skye Pearl Initiative introduced by Skye Bank is an empowerment programme for women in business.
The programme is driven by six pillars acronym C.I.N.E.M.A – capacity building, Information, Networking, Empowerment, Mentoring and access to finance. The women were directed to the Skye Pearl online community for relevant information and networking opportunities.
“They were also informed about the Yes Mall, an online shopping mall designed for indigenous business owners/entrepreneurs to display their products and services for sales to millions of customers in Nigeria and diaspora,” the statement added.

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