So far so SMART. SMARTER in 2020

It’s amazing how much better the brain and body respond positively to rest. Now down to the business of planning the year and the decade. Hold on! This is serious business! Another ten years is about to flash right before your eyes and if you are not well prepared, it’s break. This is your make or break season. Especially if you are already in your late thirties and forties. Time! So this can’t be a casual moment. Serious business! So? SMART. Just about everyone has heard about the smart acronym for goal setting;

S – specific M – measurable A – achievable R – realistic T- timely. Even kids in school know this but, the question is what do most of us do with this information, particularly beyond January? Not much. For me this has got to change in 2020. I want to do differently this year and decade and so should you. Deciding on your goals is not always an easy task, except you are playing. A lot of thinking should go into the process. I no longer want to plan what I don’t want to do, or be politically correct because someone said so, or keep up with the Joneses who are just as confused! No! It’s time to do what I really want and stick with it for the long haul. Play time is over. It was good while it lasted though! So before you begin to decide if your goals are measurable, achievable, realistic and build timelines, the spectacular question is WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS? What should you be doing right now with your life at this stage and this age? The answers lie within and you have to search deep for them. Free advice; don’t be under any undue pressure to answer this question or set any crazy goals because all the experts said so. Even the experts are looking for answers. Take your time, but if it means that much to you then do all you need to do, to get the answers you require. Beware of the experts and become the expert over your life, remember it’s YOUR life! When your answers do come like I know they often do when you press through, don’t just stop at SMART, for 2020 a little SMARTER would do the magic! Add E- ethical to whatever you decide to do and if in 2020 your world has no R – record of some sort at some level then you are way behind time and technology and it’s time to jump into the deep waters where all the action is. Stay locked in and get all the scoop on my own personal goals i’ll be sharing at some point… day 8, day 9 same!

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