So What?

So what if you are a woman?
Being a woman isn’t necessarily a disadvantage in the world of business except if you say so. As women we shouldn’t always have to cry for space in the business world instead take the bull by the horn and do the needful. Yes so you are just a young lady maybe in school, not an excuse, housewife? Not an excuse, no money from oga etc no excuse is good enough…. What should women do?
Find out what you do well and turn it into a business. Start from home with some of the money you are wasting right now trying to keep up with the joneses. Stop buying Brazilian weave on and the latest Samsung phones. Stop trying to look rich instead invest in actually being rich.
One more thing for now, young women especially students should consider starting small businesses in school, or part time  during the NYSC Programme etc, that way by the time you marry or start having kids you already have a stable business bringing in stable income and with years of experience under your wings. More on so what if you are a woman coming soon….

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