Still Going Down Memory Lane….With our Dazzling Second Edition

I’m still so intrigued and inspired by this editor’s note like no other. Anytime I get a chance to read it, the message still stands true today. The question is how have you looked at your glass and how would you continue to look at your glass? Half full or half empty? The answer literarily determines if you get to your much desired destination or not. For me, early on, I decided half full works better for me and it’s still working till date. I’ve always been a die-hard optimist and while that has some downsides I’ve chosen to take my risk along the path of optimism. Even when circumstances don’t necessarily change, as long as I can adjust my perspective then for me it’s all good. Like I said in this article Trump didn’t look like the winning candidate but in spite of it all he still won! I have actively put this to work in my life, just because it doesn’t look like it doesn’t mean it can’t be it. Though I wanted Hilary to win so badly because I needed to shatter that glass ceiling I’m happy that in-spite of that upset women have not only continued to break glass ceilings we are breaking new grounds, changing the narrative and consistently increasing our sphere of influence. So why not? My glass is definitely half full…

You don’t need a million
You rarely ever need a million if you know what to do, and if you don’t know what to do then you can ask! I’m a strong believer in the fact that when the student is ready the teacher always appears! Always! So Linda got tired of waiting for the dream job and decided to become the dream. Doofies! Cakes that make your dreams come true! Hers was no easy puzzle to connect, but connect she did. With only 400k to start with, a dream that has stood the test of time was born. Lately she has continued to raise the bar, going higher, doing better and breaking the glass ceiling. I’m so glad we featured her because she’s not let us down. Seriously you don’t need a million to start the business of your dreams!

From both sides
The Dangote magic!
When it comes to naija products nobody underestimates us like naija people ourselves. Like seriously “oyinbo” isn’t our problem, we are our problem. Is it colonial mentality, inferiority complex, the pull him down syndrome(our own PHD in naija is different) or just lack of enough information? Whatever it is it’s time to change because times have changed. We’ve gotten good at what we do and it can only get better. Even China wasn’t as amazing as they are now when I went for the first time in 2004. But we continued to patronize them and they got better. Even at speaking English. Today you hardly need interpreters! The last time I approached the Transcorp Hilton hotel Abuja and asked they consider putting my magazine in their rooms because we were in the business of showcasing local businesses that were doing well they told me they only do Forbes! Not one local business is featured in Forbes! What a bad joke! So what’s not to love or be proud of in our naija products? What? Like they say a picture or for me, video is worth a thousand words so watch this video and you be the judge!

The top ten visionary countdown
Top ten lounges!
I just love countdowns…. the magic, possibilities and of course suspense!
When it comes to lounges this business hardly has a long shelf life. Up today, down tomorrow, totally out of existence next tomorrow. That bothers me somewhat! I know this list isn’t working now, not in the least bit but somehow a few have managed to stay in the game. At some point we should look into how they did it! But for now check out this list and come up with yours!

Get your business out of the dark
It’s about time you stopped winking in the dark! No one can see you! It’s time to get your business out of the dark. That’s where growth happens. The word? Advertising! For most small businesses it’s a bad word because it could be expensive, but truth be told you can’t do without it. If you ignore advertising, in no time you’d be out! Out! Out! Out of business! Who wants to be out of business, and how do you think businesses like pampers have stayed in the game for the longest time ever constantly and consistently breaking new grounds? Of course one word, advertising! They are out there like crazy and so should you. The next time you are tempted to only PRAY about your growth add advertising to it. That’s the magic!

Naija for life!
Innoson my Innoson
Looks like these guys are here to stay….
So for me I didn’t really watch big brother though I was privately calculating the money these guys were churning in. That was more of my concern and maybe headache! Cos in my head I’m thinking “how can I get my own big brother?” Anyway I know I’m not the only one with that headache so for all it’s worth let’s keep thinking… what I was really excited about was the Innoson car gift Mercy received. That was so exciting. Finally we are looking inwards and making it work. I like that and so should you. Incidentally when you stay with it and refuse to give up inspite of the naysayers it eventually works! Next time I’m tempted to quit when I think of the Nigerian story I promise to remember the Innoson story. It’s a good story!

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