Still Going Down Memory Lane…With Our Extraordinary 3rd Edition. THE TARA STORY

The Tara story remains one of my best entrepreneurial stories out of the Nigerian entrepreneurial landscape. This super, amazing entrepreneur has proved that in Nigeria with hard work, perseverance, and good old “never say die” spirit just about anything can be achieved. It’s not about how low you start but how high you can think and what price you are willing to pay for what you believe. Just about everyone knows this heartwarming, dynamic story and we’ve seen her evolve, grow and consistently overcome challenges. The question is how many people are willing to do the same? Talk is cheap and enthusiasm doesn’t last all night? When it’s all said and done who will walk the talk? Who will stay till they get the desired result? Who would keep painfully turning the flywheel while waiting for “Mo” to kick in? Who? Big question only you can answer! While you are thinking about whether this write up is for you, hubby or bestie check out all we’ve scooped up for you on the Tara Story. A true Nigerian dream!

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