Still Going Down Memory Lane…With Our Unforgettable 3rd Edition

2017 it’s a new dawn

Going down memory lane definitely has its advantages, it was so refreshing reading this editors note again. For me more than ever before it brings to fore the importance of writing and documenting your thoughts and ideas and going over them regularly. More recently vision boards have become a necessity that no one should plan to do without. 2017 for me was indeed the dawn of a new era. Not that it really looked like it at the time, because a new era doesn’t always feel like it. However it was a time I made a renewed commitment to pursue the visionary Nigeria project like never before. I’m so glad I took this decision because two years later I’m still pushing hard and it’s been no letting up. Tough? Yes. Challenging? Absolutely. Feel like quitting? All the time! Inspite of all that, I’m still here, pushing and planning to stay for the long haul. 2020 is round the corner and I’m still a die hard optimist! I still believe in the Nigerian dream, I still believe and nudge you to dream again, hope again, try again and succeed again. I believe in awakening the entrepreneur in you, yes you! So would you give the sleeping giant a chance? Only you can answer that. 2020 is another chance to make it happen!

You don’t need a million

Ebere Ikoku started her makeup business with the sum of 15 thousand naira by getting registered to be a beauty rep at the house of Tara. Things were so difficult for her at the time but she just had to do the needful. I’m so glad we featured Ebere because today she continues to make waves with her unique makeup techniques and products in the city of Abuja. I am definitely one of her satisfied customers. She had and still has big dreams but she started small. The Tara impact is real and it’s big. Her own ability to dream big, start small and stay with it through the good and the bad has changed the makeup culture in this country and birthed many dreams. Just in case you thought her story is fiction, think again. Start where you are, you don’t need a million to make it happen!


Top Ten world class Nigerian fashion designers

Did I say I love countdowns? Absolutely! Fun, funny(sometimes not so funny when you ain’t on the list) controversial but always filled with suspense. Well here we go again! Another countdown in the fashion world. For me this list is still good but many new kids on the block have emerged! That’s why you should never get discouraged about where you are now, if you keep up your work pace you will upset the current champions and get on the list and when you are on the list never relax, never become a local champion, the new kids are hungry for success they want your space! Enjoy our down memory lane list and send us your own list….

From both sides

To be honest I’ve been a major critic of the Nasco brand for the longest time ever. Once I was done with school and started making my own money and I had options I was done with that brand of cornflakes. It just wasn’t good enough in comparison to the Kellogg’s brand. Not by any stretch. The product was shabby, the packaging dull. Naaaa this was a sufferhead product in my new world! But! You just can never give up on anyone or any product. Things and people evolve, they grow, they learn and make the shift. Nasco got it! Today the product is better, the packaging is better and they have remained consistent. Best of all their truest customers ‘the kids’ just love their product. Check out this on set test by their loyal customers and you be the judge…

Get your business out of the dark

Since the GSM made its debut to the Nigerian telecommunications scene almost twenty years ago I’ve had the same number and the same love/ hate relationship with MTN. Love because they came and revolutionized it all in that space. Till date they are consistently innovating and raising the bar. Hate however is always lurking around the scene because the services are not always a 100%. I always suspect they can do better and as a people we should get better services. That’s a story for another day though! Inspite of our love/ hate/ but can’t do without relationship triangle, I can’t deny that this business has managed to tap into a secret that has orbitted them to the top of their game. In Nigeria as of today they are sitting comfortably on the throne of the telecommunications world. Others maybe following closely but they own that space! In Nigerian parlance ‘ soldier come, soldier go but barrack remains’. MTN has remained! They knew how to get their business out of the dark and have become the lighthouse of telecommunications. Their secret can work for anyone if you know how to work it. Check out their article….

Naija for life

Top ten Nigerian authors

I truly wish Nigerians read more. Most of the secrets to all round success are locked up in books. Yes you heard me right young people, books. Good, old books. Not tv, not video games and not just school books. A wide selection of books. If you don’t read it then you don’t know it. Even fiction books would expand your vocabulary. I worry about this internet generation that has lost the art of reading. We do have amazing Nigerian authors that have and are still doing us proud. At the Visionary we celebrate them and raise many thumbs up to them for their literary ingenuity. Check out our list of authors…

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