Stylish Mo. This Story Just Touches My Heart

This story just touches my heart. His mum noticed he was stylish at 4 years old. By 9 the idea for bow ties was born and by 12 years old Mo and mum were in big business. Mo is the CEO, mum is the COO. Don’t forget the generational angle, grandma is the chief seamstress and at 81 she’s still very active.
As parents we ought to help our kids discover their gifts and nurture them as best as possible. Mo’ s mum didn’t downplay education. They knew it was important. But she also didn’t joke around waiting for him for graduate from university before swinging into action. It’s not always about complaining about what government isn’t doing. The question is what are we doing ourselves? Most times you can’t give what you don’t have. This is 2019. Plan to start something. If you’ve started keep going. It takes time for results to show up.
Be consistent.
Do something for yourself.
Nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in your kids.
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