Success Story- LINDA IKEJI

It’s hard to talk about blogging in Nigeria and Africa as a whole without mentioning Linda Ikeji. It would be almost impossible for her not to come to mind when blogging is mentioned because she has shown that you can find a way to create value out of your passion and ultimately monetize it. Linda Ikeji has indeed shown that you can make so much money on the internet doing what you love.  Linda Ikeji is a writer, an entrepreneur and a successful blogger who has mastered the art of feeding people the kind of news they want to hear through her very popular Linda Ikeji blog and she makes cool cash while at it. She has no doubt been an inspiration to so many young Nigerians who have also found amazing success and wealth doing what they love on the internet. Many young ladies are inspired by her success story and believe they can achieve anything they put their heart to.
This amazing success story however did not have such an easy start. She had her own fair share of struggles, rejection and downright hopelessness. Nothing just seemed to work back then for the young Ikeji but home girl never gave up. She was convinced there was something great for her at the other side of all the struggle. She was right! When all else failed she took to her hobby of blogging with no sign of it ever succeeding and no point of reference as far as Nigeria was concerned. Somehow she stayed with it. From a cyber cafe and no set goals for her blogging hobby she blogged for many years before making any money from it. She later obtained lindaikejisblog.com that is viral today. This media entrepreneur is now a celebrity blogger who is considered to be one of the most successful bloggers in the world. Consistency is a major factor that places linda ikeji at the top. She blogged consistently for about six years before the money came calling. Oh did it come! Yes it did and big time. LINDA was ambitious from the get go but this type of money? Naaa… not in the plan! But it happened. She never gave up on her career as a blogger despite the fact that  the idea was not so popular at the time she started. This show of hardwork and consistency soon brought her fame she never thought possible in her wildest imagination. While LINDA has in recent times had her fair share of scandals, this super diva isn’t perturbed. She’s riding out the storm one day at a time. In spite of the name calling, some of which include baby mama etc, this blogpreneur isn’t slowing down any time soon. She’s doing her thing, loving it and smiling to the bank. Let’s give it to this super girl, she managed to turn her baby mama scandal into more cash, her interview with daddy freeze was nothing short of innovative in the blogging world. Love her or hate her, yay or nay, one way or the other LINDA remains at the top of the blogging world. From me it’s thumbs up all the way. Keep doing your thing girl…
My thought: Linda found her wings and she’s flying high, it’s time you found yours.

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