I like the Alina Morse advise to aspiring kidpreneurs HERE.

First she said always keep asking questions, work hard, believe in yourself and never give up. Sounds amazing right? Even for adults these are sterling qualities entrepreneurs that hope to succeed must have. But the problem is and especially in a place like Nigeria, what do we really do with the questions our kids ask? For much of the time we want them to keep quiet. At home, in school, outings, we want them quiet! A supposed sign of good behaviour right? Well I think wrong! We should encourage kids to question the status quo. Let’s do Away with “ do it the way it’s always been done so we can have it like we’ve always had it”. With this type of thinking, why do we wonder why progress is so slow and most times nonexistent.

We should let our kid’s young impressionable mind run wild with ideas whether they sound good to us or not. I’m so glad nobody shut Mark Zukerberg up and said his idea didn’t make sense. Instead his parents nurtured his dreams. Read up on that HERE. I’m so glad the Wright brothers kept asking the right questions, believed in their ideas even when their dad didn’t and never gave up. Today we fly freely because of them. I’m glad Alina Morse questioned her dad’s status quo. She basically said “ yes dad sweets are bad but can we come up with a healthier alternative? Well, dad said yes and the rest is history. Let’s get the kiddy’s questions coming, let’s get them answered. Let’s get them dreaming… if your question is why so early and why now? My own question is, if not now when? The earlier the better!

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