February 1, 2019

Naija Parents Please Wake Up!

Apparently we seem to be way behind on more issues than we realize in Nigeria. As far as governance is concerned we are definitely way behind, but for me its more about taking personal responsibility. I should at least ... Read More »

February 01, 2019 0

February 20, 2018

5 Ways to Out-Think Ordinary

New ideas are everywhere. “Curiosity is the spark behind the spark of every great idea. The future belongs to the curious.” —Author Unknown   The old saying that curiosity killed the cat might be true for cats, but for the rest of us, ... Read More »

February 20, 2018 0

December 8, 2017

Entrepreneurial Price

When people talk about entrepreneurship, most of the discussions revolve around the sense of fulfillment or satisfaction they get from building something out of nothing. While this may be true, there’s another side to going into business for yourself: ... Read More »

December 08, 2017 0

December 2, 2017

The Risk Of Doing Nothing

It’s not in our nature to make big changes in our lives when things are going well. Our brains are wired to naturally conserve energy, and without the shadow of stress or danger, we’re likely to stick with whatever’s ... Read More »

December 02, 2017 0

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