Tara Durotoye of House of Tara gives an insight into the industry; Her Journey so far (Part 2)

…still on our House of Tara series

Q: what does doing business mean to you especially in Nigeria where things are tough?
A: I think first of all, it’s my faith, am doing what I ought to do at this point of life. Whatever you are doing, focus on the great things of the business, in Nigeria. Sometimes it could be over bearing, like the multiple taxes you have to pay, you have to run a generator, provide security, your own water in some places, but it’s all part of the business. You also have to employ people who are great workers and passionate to work.
Q: Tell me something about branding.
A: Branding is an expression of who you are. Your values have to be expressed in your branding. I think every business has to identify and know what their brand is, then express it to the client or customers that will accept it.
Q: what do you think is happening in branding in Nigeria.
A: I think that we are ready to go places in Nigeria. A lot of people are moving in branding direction. Business owners now do research and travel abroad for information. In ten year’s time I see us going places in branding.
Q: would you say that the challenges we have in Nigeria is an excuse for a young person not to succeed.
A: No its not. Because if you look at people who have succeed then you have no business thinking that you won’t. You should always be like, if other people have done it, then I can do it.
Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 10years?
A: making the world know Nigeria for something different. For house of Tara to be able to fight against terrorism. Making the world a safe place.
Power points to note:
She has predicted that buying power will get better in Nigeria. Do you agree? I’m hopeful.
Tara’s take on challenges;

  1. If you know what you are doing is what you ought to be doing then you should stay with it and watch your progress over time.
  2. Success is never instantaneous. we should eradicate this get rich quick syndrome that is so prevalent in our society especially among the young people. They “just want to hit big money” Wake up!! It does not happen that way.Remember, a fool and his money are soon parted

Another good prediction: it is going to get better for entrepreneurs that dare to try.

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