The Secret Of My Business Is that Every Job Is Like The First One -Aderemi Buraimoh AKA Father Monkey(CEO FANTACY EVENTS)

Q:Tell us how it all started?
A: On that Faithfull day, After work on my way home I was very hungry I saw where a birthday party was going on and I noticed the MC was not doing a good job, after carefully observing the mother of the celebrant as soon as she stepped out , immediately I went in and told the mc that the mother of the celebrant said I should take over so that he can get some food to eat so I took over from the MC and I did so well. The children and their parents were very happy with my performance and at the end of the party I had a lot of food to go home with.
After the party, the mother of the celebrant asked me to see her the next Monday, so on Monday i went to her office and she said she wants to set up my business that am very good, she ask how much I needed and I told her twenty thousand naira (20,000) and immediately she gave me the money, I went to a tailor to make a clown costume for me and that was how my business started.
Today, I can tell you that business has been very good , I love to be with children it’s been my passion since I was younger and I always like to keep my customers. some have been with me for 10yrs, this same business has take me to twenty-eight states in Nigeria and to three African countries.
The secret of my business is that every job is like the first one, I try to bring something new to the children.
This business has brought open doors to other businesses in my life.
CEO fantacy event… You don’t need a million to start a business.
• Be dynamic.
• Don’t just wish, take actions that move you in the direction of your dreams.
• Your gift will always make room for you.
• Start small.
• Don’t take yourself too serious money always follows passion

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