The top 10 practical things to do to survive an economic downturn…Believe in yourself , fail forward.

Believing in self has everything to do with the mind. So the big question is what exactly is the quality of your mind and what is consistently going on there? So much has been said and done on the issue of believing in self, the importance of self confidence and why a failure isn’t the end of the road. Mostly amazing stuff. With all that encouraging information out there one wonders why the depression stats seems to keep going higher and higher each year. Also as Nigerians we are known to be generally happy people, so what went wrong? What changed? Who sold us a lie? I’m not sure anyone has all the answers but one thing I do know for sure is if you are going to succeed in any endeavor then you’ve got to be your own biggest and best cheerleader. You’ve got to be conscious of your self talk and it’s got to be positive most of the time. While it’s good to be hard on yourself sometimes it’s also important to balance things out by putting every situation in proper perspective. Consistent wrong perception and you are miles off track. Over the years the one thing that has helped me stay on track, keep my mind positive and in top shape is my reading culture. Always worked magic for me, still does. Just when I’m losing it I get an amazing book and suddenly I can see the light even while in the tunnel. What kind of books? All! Name it! Bible, motivational, instructional, fiction, autobiographies, even my kid’s books. I just can’t seem to go wrong with reading and you wouldn’t too. I worry about this internet generation. Besides school books they hate to read anyways, would they read at all? What quality of mind would Facebook, insta, Snapchat etc ( you know them all) produce ten years from now? Just wondering aloud! I’m also particular about the quality of people I surround myself with. I’m a big advocate of ( quality people only) (QPO). For me I’ve never really needed a big circle anyways so it’s easy to get the best. Once your company drains my energy I’m out! I don’t tell you to go. Heck no! I check out! I’m too scarce a commodity to let negative people drain me out. It’s not happening. Yes I hear what you are saying loud and clear. You messed up, you missed it, you failed miserably, how could you have done that? How? I hear you, I feel you and I truly emphasize, but it’s time to move on. Get over it. Others made the same mistakes and still got up. Failure might actually be a better friend than you think. ( I’m not talking about naija police is your friend kinda friend though) but I’m sure you get the drift. Nothing resets your brain like failure. Now you have little or nothing to work with so you’ve got to work smart or you are out and all of the humbling that comes with the process can’t be that bad. Now you know what it feels like to be down in the dumps. Suddenly you are healed of your narcissistic tendencies. That’s not bad! In any case failure isn’t the end of the road. If success isn’t a destination but a journey then failure is nothing except you give up. Why would you do that? You’ve come this far. It’s time to believe in yourself again, it’s time to move forward in spite of the failure, it’s time to rebrand. It’s time to reach for gold, cause that’s what you are!

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