The top 10 practical things to do to survive an economic downturn…Ditch the naysayers.

This is the part I love so much. Of course you should ditch the naysayers, they never have anything positive to offer. Why bother? For the most part naysayers tend to do their job amazingly well, that’s why they bother you so much. They do their research, do their homework, get all the stats possibly available on you, then swing into action. Not ordinary action though, below the belt type of action. You are left standing in the dumps wondering what happened, where did it all go wrong? Hard to say and harder to receive but it all went wrong with you. Who? Yes YOU! Bad but not bust! It’s time to pick up the pieces. Thanks to all the naysayers, you did an amazing job but it’s game over, there’s a new boss in town.

The story is about to change, all because the narrative is changing… you’ve got to ditch the negative players for good and start believing the positives in your head and your heart. Remember the naysayers have been in charge for a while, so give yourself time to get used to being in charge, believing in your dreams, getting your confidence back, beefing up your self esteem. It’s a lot of work but worth it at the end.

A few practical tips to ditching naysayers

a. Change your circle of friends

b. Change the conversation going on in your head

c. Read books that inspire

d. Make consistent, personal growth a major part of your life

e. Success they say is the best revenge, so what are you waiting for? Ditch the naysayers and succeed massively.

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