The Top 10 Practical Things to do to Survive an Economic Downturn… Go Slow but Steady

Unhurried, leisurely, measured, deliberate, moderate and relaxed have always been some of my all time favorite definitions of the word slow. Personally, by nature and nurture a few years ago I really didn’t want to have much to do with the word slow. It never held any attraction for me. In fact to be honest I probably downright demonized this word and all it entailed. Why slow? For what nau? I was too busy, I got it going on, too many ideas to execute. No time to waste. As it stood then even 24 hrs was too short! Oh! The beauty of growing up. Life happens and suddenly slow becomes sacred. Slow becomes survival, sweet and at its peak sensational! Almost an oxymoron in comparison to today’s fast paced, instant gratification, microwave, now or never world. Talk about the height of seduction. It’s all there. I’ve got to have it now by hook or by crook world, my way or the highway, go hard or go home world. Sleazy seduction holds nothing on this one. While most people worry and are horrified about downtimes, when properly investigated they are the best of times. These are the learning times, the growth curves, the setting of priority times and overall the really good times. It’s time to join the sacred slow band wagon. Here decisions are well thought out and taken properly with the use of facts, ingenuity, intuition and finesse. This wagon is for the mature at heart. They know every good decision takes them a mighty long way ahead of others. They know that though success is sure it’s never fast, it’s not a problem, they can wait things out. They know majority doesn’t always carry the vote. If the majority are wrong then it’s wrong. Stay in your right minority. They don’t jump ship at every opportunity. They ride out the storm. Storms come and go but the good guys last. They are never in any instant gratification, now or never game. They know the patient dog always eats the fattest bone. So if I were you as I implement my next level I would do it absolutely unhurriedly, I would take time to enjoy the ride, it’s called leisure. After all success isn’t a destination but a journey and in any case the race isn’t to the swift. This time around I would be deliberate and of course moderate. Remember the battle is not to the strong so why not relax and arrive in style. Of course you are not me so I wonder what you would do? Whatever you decide just make sure you ROCK STEADY… it’s an all night ball.

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